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The UAE hosts a multitude of online brokers, ranging from the top-tier and trustworthy to those that don’t quite meet the mark. The surge in online trading activity within the region has led to a proliferation of trading service providers, each offering their unique propositions to cater to diverse trader preferences. To help your search for a reliable online broker, we have conducted extensive research and narrowed down the top and most secure options to choose from.

Our team goes beyond the hype to offer impartial insights into some of the most prominent brokers operating in the United Arab Emirates. This evaluation is based on our own rigorous research that considers thousands of data points. Whether your investment interests lie in stocks, forex, CFDs, or
even cryptocurrencies, you'll find the ideal online broker tailored to your specific needs right here.

We uphold transparency and integrity as our guiding principles, ensuring that our broker ratings and recommendations remain entirely uninfluenced by our partnerships. Our assessment is based on tested experiences gained through opening accounts with each broker featured on the website.

Our mission is straightforward: to empower traders in the UAE with the knowledge required for sound decision-making, beginning with the selection of their online broker. We strive to demystify the online trading landscape in Dubai and across the UAE, simplifying the journey for traders as
they navigate this dynamic space.

About Us

BACKGROUND is an online broker comparison platform for UAE traders and investors. We review top-tier regulated, well-established brokers in the online trading industry. We bring traders the most important insights when it comes to choosing a UAE broker, based on over 1200+ data points.

Find out which online broker fits your needs best and start your online trading journey now.
The UAE is home to hundreds of online brokers. Some good and some… not so good. With the rise of online trading in the region, there are countless trading providers all offering different things for different traders. To save you time and effort, we’ve narrowed down the best and the safest brokers from hours of our own research.

We work transparently and honestly to ensure that our broker scores and recommendations are solely the result of our unbiased research and are independent of our agreements with the brokers. Our analysis builds on real information gained through opening an account with each broker. Learn more about our methodology here.

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